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Over 40 Years of Service

Get First-Class Service

Whether you need your carburetor rebuilt for use on the street, circle track, or drag strip, you can depend on Baldwin Performance Carburetor. You can rely on us for carburetor replating or refinishing and for custom power-coated carburetors. We work on tri-power and dual-quad setups, and much more

Racing Carburetor Specialists

We specialize in any form of racing carburetor for mud track, drag racing, oval track, and street racing. Each carburetor is custom built and calibrated to each specific application. 

See the difference between a custom built carb and one out of a box.

E85, Q16, Alcohol and many other fuel conversions.

"William does great work and stands by it. This guy really knows what he's doing!"


Mark McConnell, Facebook

Cody Overton
Improve Your Carburetor's Performance

Out-of-the-box carburetors are common and are made to work on various engines — they're a universal base build with average performance. They can help you get from point A to point B, but there's so much more that they can do. We specialize in optimizing these carburetors and have seen an increase in performance of up to 60 horsepower.

Restoration Services Are Available

When you get restoration services from Baldwin Performance Carburetor, you're getting the same plating and coloring process that is used by all of the big names in the carburetor industry. You can count on us for a top-quality job because we don't use cheap paint. The price you pay will depend on the make, model, and condition of your carburetor.

It's rare to find one with his knowledge on the subject. Nothing he did was guess work. A top pro

Alex Hickmott,  Facebook

 Well worth the wait and the prices are reasonable for the high quality you get

Shawn Thompson, Facebook

WCFB Carter Carburetor Restoration
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